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This stupid snowstorm was not fun. it pretty much ruined everything i wanted to go do today. because all i did was stay in the apt. Felip and i watched tv, wrapped nelly's bday gift,we watched some more tv, and we took a nap. hahaha such a boring day. i did catch up with alot of tv shows and a few that recorded today. i caught up with last nights The Hills, and the hills aftershow, today's bad girls club, The Real Housewives of orange county, and the season finale of blush, and then we watched some episodes of hannah montana. hehehehe.
thats all for today. later!
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today was a good day. felip worked this morning, and i took a bath. lol. using all the fabulous lush products he brought home lol. After that i went to target and bought the rest of the garland we needed for the xmas tree. then i took a great nap till like 430 when i woke felip up, he also took a nap when he got home from work, and we were off to nelly's b-day dinner at the cheesecake factory at old orchard.
It was the three of us and nellys friend vanessa who is hilarious. :) i had met her before a long time ago when nelly worked at bebe at nbk ct but it was the first time ive ever hung out with her. shes a blast. Our dinner was sooo much fun! we started at like 630 and ended up staying there until a little after ten. but no worries i tipped our waitress well and she had other empty tables in her section so i wasnt worried that we were hogging our spot. lol. i had this amazing chicken parmasean sandwich, which was really really good. im not too big a fan of cheesecake factory because its like way average food thats overpriced, but today was well. we all split a tiramisu and a strawberry shortcake. hehehe.
It's been a fun weekend so far, on friday felip, meghan, and i set up our christmas tree and decorated some more in the apt. We also had dinner at the olive garden which we totally only went for the breadsticks! not the average italian food. lol. but we still ordered it anyways because we felt bad just getting soup and breadsticks lol. our meh food came home with us lol.
otherwise my winter break has been going well, good times with good friends. i still need to see a lot of them though. so i have to get cracking on that. my goal is to meet up/have lunch with everyone that means something to me by the end of the year. or at least attempt to sometime in the near future.
well its late and time for bed. night.
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so today was a fun day. i got my haircut and dyed. Back to my normal dark brown :) Felip and i ended up going to jewel, then to walgreens where we spent 100 dollars on chia pets, candy canes, candles, and tons of fun things, come on its walgreens they have everything. then we ended up at the kmart on milwaukee and ashland to take advantage of the Little Cesaers inside. where we dashed to it bought pizza and crazy bread then dashed out before the sketchy people came after us. lol. After that we went to target bought some more plants and salt to get rid of the ice i slid on today downstairs, christmas things, the xfiles 2 dvd, britney spears circus, pj's for felip (with footies) and then some random things.

Today was also the finale of Paris Hilton's my new bff. amazing. i swear as stupid as the show is, it is very entertaining. hahahaha. and the aftershow was even funnier. then we ended up watching the bad girls club, which this season seems to be just as crazy as the first. It's exciting. Yesterdays the hills was good too, i swear i cant wait till someone punches spencer in the face, its bound to happen. Im also excited for Bromance and the city, because i love whitney and brody is just good eyecandy.
After our shows this evening we ended up watching Suspiria, which is a really interesting horror movie from the late 70's which i recommend everyone see. Now were watching America's Sweethearts because julia robert's is that much fun in most of her movies. It's currently like 430 am and im wired! no idea why but im getting hungry ughhhh. i am excited for the rest of today :)
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its often said that no matter the truth people see what they want to see. some people may take a step back and find out they were looking at the same big picture all along. Some may see they're lies have caught up to them. Some people may see what was there all along. and then there are those people who run as far as they can so they don't have too look at themselves. I can see clearly now.
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Felip's grandma isn't doing too well, so he just left for Texas this morning. :( i hope everythings ok.
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