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I'm not good or real....I'm evil and imaginary.

10 March 1986
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  • bobxf
Hiiii my name is rob.
I am from northbrook, oooh "north shore" :)
I now live in city, yessss Chicago.
When I party, I party hard
I always tell it like it is, no sugarcoating things
I can be shy, but I open up eventually
I am very spontaneous.
My confidence is getting better, I'm trying.
I have high standards, but who doesn't.
I've been played before, it will not happen again.
I am a good listener and can provide advice if needed.
Making people laugh gives me the best feeling in the world.
ALL the cool shit goes down in the city.
I am goofy and weird.
I find myself saying "are you fucking kidding me?" or "how ya feelin?" a lot.
I fall quick so be sure to catch me.
I wanna do something big with my life.
I am the biggest procrastinator you will ever meet.
I love going to see movies. yesss.
I can't cook, but I'm trying and learning slowly.
I'm addicted to buying everything. Its really bad.
Especially dvds....you can never have too many.
I like going to concerts. a lot.
I have to do better in school.
I go to school at DePaul. I know, shiny.
I believe in ghosts and demons.
Kathy Griffin is my god.
When I'm around my friends I always put on a smile,
their feelings are more important.
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